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Jul 16, 2018  

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This story about Russell Westbrook learning how to play roulette is hilarious

Bleacher Report spoke to NBA veteran Tobias Harris about life in Vegas during the Summer League, and Harris recalled an incredible story about Oklahoma City superstar Russell Westbrook, who didn’t know how roulette worked. Harris said that he explained the game to Westbrook, but he couldn’t convince Westbrook to put any money on the table. Westbrook instantly regretted not taking the advice. “‘Man, I’ve got a $500 chip in my hand right now,’ Westbrook told Harris and his friend, who recommended that he place the chip on his jersey number, zero. If it hit, at 35-1 odds, Westbrook would win $17,500. Westbrook wrestled with the decision, ultimately deciding against it. ‘He’s like, ‘Man, I don’t trust this game,’ Harris recalls. ‘So the roulette guy spins the wheel. The ball is spinning around, and bam, it hits zero. Russ looks at both of us, and he just screams, ‘[expletive]!’ He runs down the hall and runs away.” The moral here?

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